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Automatic gateway system

Klaipėda Container Terminal, UAB is the first cargo terminal in the Port of Klaipėda that has installed a fully automated gate control system. This system contributes to increasing the throughput of the gates of the container terminal and to efficient management of the entry and exit flows of vehicles transporting containers from the terminal.

Make sure you are properly prepared before arriving at the container terminal



Container terminal site plan


Arrival and departure to/from the container terminal 

Arrival at/from the terminal when delivering/picking up the container

Exit from the terminal

Independent change of the information of the container to be dropped off in the self-service area

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Useful information:



  • Container is subject to a hold. The container has been placed on hold. +370 686 20223;

  • No departure clearance has been received because the container is detained by customs. Contact the customs authorities;

  • Bill of lading not validated. Contact the LR customs agents or declarants;

  • Departure authorisation not received, no details filled in at LR Customs. Contact LR Customs;

  • Delay of GST. Call the dispatching office at tel. +370 686 20223;

  • Weight data not available in KIPIS system. Contact the declarants;

  • Time for removal (PTA) expired. Contact the freight ship line.



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