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Dear Clients,


Please be informed that the automatic gate control system is scheduled to go live on early April. All clients arriving at the container terminal are required to have new permits before the system goes live.


The new permits are plastic cards which will be valid until 31.12.2024. For a smooth permit preparation process, we kindly ask you to provide us with the necessary data for the issuance of the new permit(s).

The information, please send by e-mail: 

Please specify the following in your request:

Vairuotojams gabenantiems konteinerius
Ekspeditoriams, vadybininkams ir kt kurie negabena krovinių į terminalą
1. Surname, First name
1. Surname, First name
2. Name of the company you represent
2. Car model and license plate number
3. Passport or ID card number
3. Passport or ID card number
4. Job title (driver, etc.)
4. Name of the company you represent
5. Photo (.jpg format)
5. Job title (freight forwarder, etc.)
6. Driver's phone number No. (you will receive sms messages about container drop-off locations, etc.)
6. Photo (.jpg format)
7.The first issue of a permit is free of charge. Replacement of the permit if the card is lost - 41,00 EUR + VAT.
7.For persons who have a 2024 permit, we will issue the new format permit once free of charge. Other permits will be issued at the 2024 permit rates.

For drivers transporting containers

For freight forwarders, managers, etc. who do not transport cargo to the terminal

  • New permits are issued after an e-application.


  • You can collect your permits from the arrivals desk of the container terminal upon presentation of your ID.


Information for truck drivers


Vehicle booking system (further - "VBS")


Pre-registration of transport is carried out in accordance with the KIPIS (information system for cargo and goods transported through the port of Klaipėda) data. 

Guidance on how to correctly book an advance transport arrival time in the VBS system:

  1. Perform the data entry in KIPIS;

  2. Register your arrival at the container terminal here.



  • When registering an arrival at a container terminal, an active KIPIS booking is required; 

  • it will not be possible to modify the task of a registered arrival;

  • the data provided at the time of registration will be checked at the gate area of the container terminal (Perkėlos str. 8);

  • in case of a discrepancy, the transport unit will not be serviced.

Working hours of Container Terminal Operators:

  • 24 hours a day at the arrival post;

  • at the departure point, from Sunday 08.00 to Friday 22.00, the operators' working hours shall be 24 hours a day (at night lunch from 02.00 to 03.00). There are 2 operators at the post during peak hours and 1 operator between 19.00 and 10.00.



Please submit your details of the person (s) delegated by your company who should have a VBS login account. Login details will only be sent to the email address (es). 

Please specify this data:


• The name of the legal entity and company code;

• Name and Surname of the delegate;

• The delegate's mobile phone number;

• Delegate's e-mail address.


The information, please send by e-mail: 


Important things to know when starting to use the vehicle pre-registration system (VBS): 


  1. Read the VBS user manual here

  2. Register your arrival at the container terminal here 

  3. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us:


Please note that we offer an additional service - pay lane. This is available in cases where it is not possible to schedule future visits.



  1. Pay lane route - No.1

  2. To use the fast lane service, please contact the security guard.

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