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Kristupas Armonaitis, who has been working at our terminal for three years, is a planner and is not even thinking about any professional changes.


First bunkering operation is completed successfully

For the first time, a bunkering operation for a container ship was carried out at our terminal and in the Port of Klaipėda.


The container ship Containerships Aurora, which was moored at the quay of our container terminal, was successfully bunkered with liquefied natural gas (LNG).

"Our terminal is not involved in the actual bunkering operation, but we have been actively involved in the preparation process. During the 1.5 months of preparation, we, as a cargo terminal that handles the loading of a container ship, had to coordinate a large number of documents and instructions that define safe operations simultaneously, i.e. loading and bunkering," says our CEO Vaidotas Šileika about the exceptional operation at the terminal.

According to Mr Šileika, it is important that during the bunkering process, the loading operations were not suspended. The container ship was filled with LNG fuel by the LNG tanker Avenir. 326 cubic metres of LNG was transferred to the fuel tank of Containerships Aurora, and the whole operation lasted about 6 hours.

According to Mr Šileika, the bunkering operation is a positive step towards cleaner shipping in our port and an incentive to increase the use of clean fuels on board ships.

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