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Kristupas Armonaitis, who has been working at our terminal for three years, is a planner and is not even thinking about any professional changes.


"Samskip" has scheduled services to Great Britain from our terminal

Samskip, a Dutch logistics company, has added the Port of Klaipėda to its regular Baltic Sea freight route and has chosen our terminal as its partner.

Samskip laivas_2024.03.18.jpeg

"This is important news for Lithuanian business, as another opportunity has opened up for simpler and faster shipments to Great Britain. It is expected that the delivery of cargo from Klaipėda to the UK will take up to 4 days. We are delighted with the confidence in our terminal, where we will be receiving Samskip ships once a week," says our CEO Vaidotas Šileika.

Two container vessels with a total capacity of 803 TEU are dedicated to this new route.

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