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Kristupas Armonaitis, who has been working at our terminal for three years, is a planner and is not even thinking about any professional changes.


When destiny gives you a chance, you can't miss it

This month Klaipėda Container Terminal (further - KCT), celebrates its 30th anniversary and presents a career story, whose hero has been working for the company for 13 years, and whose professional path has evolved from the lowest to the highest rung. "I spend most of my time working, so work is my second home, and the KKT team is my second family," says Andrius Spangelevičius, Head of the Ro-Ro and General Cargo Terminal, without mincing words.


- Please tell us how your professional career in KCT started?
I joined KKT in 2011 as a talman. I have to admit that the first steps of my career were very timid and full of self-doubt, as everything was new and unfamiliar. However, my kind-hearted colleagues took the time to train me and familiarize me with the handling processes, the machinery operated in the terminal, etc. In this position, I have learnt a lot in 6 years and I would say I have grown the most, because I have got to know the essence and the subtleties of the cargo handling operations up close. Later I was invited to try my hand as a dispatcher and as a deputy in the Ro-Ro terminal. It was never an easy decision to change, because each time I realized that the level of responsibilities I would take on would increase, but the final decisions were determined by the wisdom of life: if fate gives you a chance, take it. 
- Let's see if fate also offered the position of Ro-Ro Terminal Manager?
The then Ro-Ro Terminal Manager was offered the position of Container Terminal Manager and I was offered to take over his position. Can we be absolute and say that it was fate? Apparently not, but I have no doubt that it was another unique chance in my life's journey that I took.

- Which was or is the most challenging career position?
If you take a responsible approach to work, then all positions are challenging in their own way. In order to make a particular position stress-free, you still have to have or master certain personal qualities that are needed in a particular position. In the position of a talman, you have to be meticulous, you have to communicate a lot and actively with customers, which means being communicative, open-minded and responsible, whereas as a dispatcher you have to manage a large flow of information and be able to process the incoming data properly - you need analytical skills, but it is true that the role of a manager is the most difficult.

- Are there any challenges in the path of a Ro-Ro terminal manager?
I would not call them challenges, but lessons. When I became a manager, I already had about 40 people in my team, and when you're in a group of experienced professionals, and you're almost the youngest in the group, and you're also a manager, it's normal to hit a wall a few times. So I realized that we will get the results we want when we are a team where everyone feels comfortable. 

- What previous experience is useful in a managerial role?
Certainly the experience and skills I gained in the lower ranks of my career at KCT are useful for me in my day-to-day life today, such as the ability to analyze and summarize large volumes of data, the understanding of how the processes of a large organization work, and the importance of collaborating with colleagues not only in my own team but also in other teams to achieve common goals. I have also learnt not to wait until the last minute, but to think ahead and prepare for different scenarios.

- What was the most surprising thing about taking up the position of Ro-Ro Terminal Manager?
The time given by top management, colleagues, the goodwill, attention and support of everyone, all of which was very valuable. I felt trust and encouragement at every step, even though I was not new to the terminal. I think this is due to the values and the responsibility we have towards our employees in our organization. 

- You have been in your current position for more than 2 years, are there things that still surprise you?
In all my years of career, I have never seen such dynamism and speed in the cargo sector. It is important to be able to do the job well, as quickly and efficiently as possible every day, and to deal with situations that sometimes change several times a day.

- How do you think you are perceived by your employees?
I want to believe that my colleagues see me as someone who is tolerant first and foremost, and as a manager - results-oriented, focused on ensuring a positive team climate and listening. 

- Obviously, there are different generations in the KCT team, is this compatible?
I am sure that each generation has its own strengths that make agreements or interests easier. For example, the younger generation of colleagues have excellent foreign language skills and their computer literacy is simply astonishing. Meanwhile, the more mature ones can offer invaluable professional and life experience and a high level of responsibility. 

- You are an example of a successful career where a young person has risen from the bottom rung to the top in one company. What is the key recipe for success?
I have already mentioned that when you get a chance, don't think too long, take it and act. If you doubt it, the opportunity will come. And things like competences, skills, practice - everything can be learned if you have the desire and the courage.

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