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Kristupas Armonaitis, who has been working at our terminal for three years, is a planner and is not even thinking about any professional changes.


We have intensive security exercises

Our Ro-Ro terminal hosted a 2-day exercise involving the Lithuanian Armed Forces Naval Forces, the State Border Guard Service Coast Guard Border Troop and the ferry line TT-Line.


"Exercises always show what areas need to be reinforced, what needs more attention, where there is a lack of response or just a lack of overall communication. I am pleased that during this exercise we were able to test and verify that we are able to manage threats in a coordinated way and that we are providing the highest level of security in the terminal. I would like to thank our terminal staff who contributed to the smooth implementation of the exercise operations," says Andrius Spangelevičius, Head of our Ro-Ro Terminal.

We hold security and resilience exercises on a regular basis - every year. The aim is to check that all the cooperating services are ready to react in the event of a simulated situation at our terminal.


Photo: Vidmantas Činauskas.

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