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2022 - the year of general cargo growth

In 2022, we have increased our general cargo volumes by almost 30% to 899 thousand tonnes, compared to 699 thousand tonnes in the same period in 2021.        


In 2022, we have increased our general cargo cargo volumes by almost 30% to 899 thousand tonnes, compared to 699 thousand tonnes in 2021.                           


In total, we handled 5.8 million tonnes of various cargoes at the terminal last year, which is the same amount of cargo handled as in 2021.  Therefore, despite all the pessimistic forecasts for 2022, due to the decline in cargo traffic, we have worked steadily and maintained high cargo throughput rates.


"The growth in general cargo in 2022 was due to several key reasons: high container freight rates led to the transfer of some cargo from containers to general cargo vessels, the attraction of new cargo flows and the increase in the flow of bulk cargo such as wind turbines," says Vaidotas Šileika, our terminal manager, on the increase in the volume of general cargo in the previous year.


According to V.Šileika, at the beginning of 2022, we saw a trend of growth in the general cargo segment, and this has been confirmed. "We are realistic about the prospects of the general cargo segment in 2023, because we can already see that container freights are decreasing, which means that some of the cargoes will definitely return to containers and will be transported by non-general cargo vessels," V.Šileika shares his thoughts about the future.


Looking at the other KKT cargo indicators in general, they remained at the same level as in 2021, or declined minimally. Container throughput at the terminal in 2022 was the same as in 2021 at 428 thousand TEU, while Ro-Ro volumes amounted to 652 thousand tonnes, i.e. 10% less than in 2021.


In 2022, we handled an average of 97 vessels per month at the KKT terminals and as many as 114 vessels in November.  In total, we handled 1,171 ships at the terminals last year. The same figure was also true in 2021.


According to Mr Šileika, in 2022 - a challenging year - we consistently implemented our investment plan and invested almost EUR 12 million. Investments were directed towards improving the terminal infrastructure, expanding the cargo storage yard, acquiring new and environmentally friendly cargo handling equipment and digitising processes. We have also launched an automated gate project at the container terminal, which we expect to complete this year.


KKT is a member of the Klaipėda Terminal Group, a group of companies providing cargo handling, logistics, freight forwarding and ship agency services. KKT employs 268 people and has a total handling capacity of up to 7.5 million tonnes of cargo per year.


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