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Whatever cargo you want to ship – containerized or conventional, bulk or break-bulk, frozen or liquid – we can handle it. We have the equipment, know-how and expertize to do it in the most efficient way.

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Container Terminal

In 2019 the throughput of container terminal amounted to 5.1 million tons / 461 396 TEU containers - 24% more than in 2018. The terminal serves about 60 container vessels per month. 

Preparing for upcoming dredging of the water area, reinforcement of terminal berths is in progress. It is accompanied by replacement of old handling equipment: 6 new RTG cranes, 6 MAFI trucks and 2 empty handlers were purchased in 2019. 2 new STS cranes are on order. 

Upon completion of the renovation programme the terminal will be able to accommodate Panamax class vessels. 

  • Handling all types of containers

  • Services to reefer units

  • Stripping and stuffing (CFS)

  • Storage and weighing, VGM

  • Container depot services

  • Electronic reporting, EDI



143 / 143a


Perkelos  8, Klaipeda 

600 000 TEU  per year

600 000 TEU  per year

Intermodal possibilities

About 15% of all containers arrive and leave the terminal by railway. It is a convenient, safe and fast mode of transport to Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. A modern RTG crane is used for efficient railway operations.

Container trains




Length: 820 m

Draft: 10.3 m (dredging to 14m)

Max. ship length: 230 m

2 STS (40 t)

2 mobile (104, 124 t)

11 RTG (40 t)

Container yard: 18,000 TEU

Warehouses: 24,000 sq. m.


32 ha

4 railway tracks / 88 wagons

450 reefer plugs


Ro-Ro & General Cargo Terminal

In 2019 the terminal reloaded 507 495 tons of bulk and break-bulk cargo: timber, fertilizers, electrodes, agricultural products, etc.

In January 2020 the terminal accommodated TT-Line's ro-pax service Klaipeda - Trelleborg. 

  • Handling of ro-ro and general purpose vessels

  • Stevedoring of bulk and break-bulk cargo

  • Bagging bulk cargo and loading to containers

  • Packing, weighing, consolidation of shipments

  • Handling of OOG cargo and heavy loads

  • Storage and warehousing


Minijos 180, Klaipeda


127 / 128


1 500 000 mt  per year


Length: 2 x 260 m

Draft: 8.5 m (dredging to 14 m)

Max. ship length: 230 m


Mobile harbour crane

GOTTWALD G HMK 5506 (125 t)

Material handlers: 4

Bulk cargo bagging facilities: 3

Transporters for wagon unloading: 2          

Storage facilities

Storage yard: 20,000 sq. m.

Warehouses: 36,000 sq. m.

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TT-Line ro-ro service

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TT-Line ro-ro service

The line‘s ro-pax ferries offer transportation between Klaipeda and Trelleborg (Sweden) as well as transit to Rostock and Travemünde in Germany.

Currently the line has four departures per week from KKT ro-ro terminal (Minijos str. 180). From beginning of July the frequency will be increased.


Minijos 180, Klaipeda


127 / 128


1 500 000 mt  per year

KKT terminals operate 24 x 7 with the exception of public holidays.