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Automatic gates - phase I

We are installing access system to the terminal.


We have signed a cooperation agreement with UAB Autepra for the development and application of IT solutions to automate the process of incoming transport to the terminal. The gate control system will be designed to manage the flow of road vehicles carrying containers.


The development of the IT model and the application of the necessary digitised solutions is the first of two phases of the project. The first phase is expected to be completed by April next year.


According to Vaidotas Šileika, our terminal general manager, we believe that the automated gate system will increase our terminal's competitive advantage in terms of customer service. It will be a powerful instrument that will combine different technologies: vehicle recognition, traffic flow management, automatic detection of container defects, etc.


We will install the gate control system throughout the terminal's container storage area, which totals 36 hectares.


According to the manager, the "journey" from the arrival or departure of a container from the placing of an order to the timely dispatch of the container must be smooth, and it will be ensured that all the IT systems that will be involved in the service chain will be qualitatively integrated with each other.


Our organisation is part of the Klaipėda Terminal Group, a group of companies providing cargo handling, logistics, freight forwarding and ship agency services.  In 2021, we handled 428,000 TEUs and our terminal has a design capacity of 700,000 TEUs.

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