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Kristupas Armonaitis, who has been working at our terminal for three years, is a planner and is not even thinking about any professional changes.


We have been certified as a green energy user

We became one of the first companies operating in the Port of Klaipėda to commit to using 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources.


We have signed a five-year green energy contract with green energy solutions company Enefit.

"Sustainability of processes and regulation of the environmental impact of our operations are of particular importance to us. Reducing CO2 emissions is one of our strategic priorities. We are consistently investing in environmentally friendly equipment, and since last year we have been using our own 500 kWh solar power plant on the roof of the terminal warehouse, and from now on we will use 100% green energy from renewable sources in our terminal operations," says Vaidotas Šileika, our CEO.

Our terminal consumes around 4,032 MWh of electricity per year, so by going green we will reduce our emissions by around 1,500 tonnes.

According to Mr Šileika, obtaining a green energy certificate is a great example and a way for other companies to show how consistent investment can help them develop an energy-sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

"Sustainability is at the top of the priority list of many companies today, and Klaipėda Container Terminal is actively pursuing this path and demonstrating leadership among organisations in its sector. This action will enable the company to reduce its emissions by almost 10,000 tonnes over five years," says Romas Urbonas, Head of Enefit's Business Segment.

According to Romas Urbonas, the green electricity provided to Klaipėda Container Terminal comes with guarantees of origin, proving that all the electricity has been generated from renewable energy sources and fed into the electricity grid. The system of guarantees of origin is controlled by the electricity transmission operator Litgrid and administered and maintained through the GREXEL system.

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