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Challenges for 2022 overcome

Traditionally, at the turn of the year, we take stock of what has been achieved in 2022 and what lies ahead in 2023

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Traditionally, at the turn of the year, we take stock of what has been achieved in 2022 and what lies ahead in 2023.  The year that is coming to an end has been one of constant transformation and will be remembered as exceptionally challenging. If in 2021 we thought that the Covid-19 pandemic had shackled the world and that nothing could be more difficult, we were wrong. This year has certainly presented its own set of hardships, a few key factors:

  • The war in Ukraine, which began in early 2022, has had a direct and indirect impact on macroeconomic processes, exacerbating the problem of inflation and increasing uncertainty on the markets;

  • geopolitical decisions, accompanied by sanctions on freight traffic, closed destinations and withdrawal of cooperation with non-democratic regimes;

  • unloaded containers and used cars from America that have not been unloaded and shipped out have filled the terminal, leading to a lack of space.


What we thought was impossible has become a reality. Waiting and being conservative in such situations is a very dangerous strategy. It is those who are nimble, who adapt quickly to the changing situation, who win. This is what we have been doing all these years, says Vaidotas Šileika, CEO of Klaipėda Container Terminal, UAB.


According to the CEO, we have consistently pursued our strategic objectives and invested more than EUR 11.9 million in 2022: we have improved the terminal infrastructure, expanded the cargo storage yards, purchased new environmentally friendly handling equipment, started the digitalisation of processes, and celebrated the housewarming of the new domestic premises for employees. At the container terminal, we have started an automated gate project, which we plan to complete in 2023.


This year, we continued to actively foster cooperation with Klaipėda University, the Lithuanian Maritime School and Klaipėda State College. At the end of the year, we were the first seaport company to enter into a cooperation agreement with the Lithuanian Centre for Informal Education of Schoolchildren for a partnership to organise vocational days in the terminals and to train young people in specific professions. We also set up a management academy, where employees increased their competences throughout the year in order to grow and develop together with their teams. 

"I would predict the next year to be cautiously optimistic. Several key factors are likely to affect the company's performance: electricity and gas prices, increased raw material prices and geopolitical uncertainty. Despite these factors, I believe that every year brings new challenges, but it probably all depends on attitude. We always try to see new opportunities in new challenges. The world is dynamic and dynamic, so we cannot look back or stand still, we have to look forward and plan for optimistic perspectives," says V. Šileika.

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